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Frequently Asked Questions About the Online Nurse Educator Certificate

Does this program make me a certified Nurse Educator?
In the past, students were required to complete two years of classroom work to be eligible to sit for the exam. This is no longer the case. Students may sit for the Nurse Educator exam if they have their MSN and have completed nine credit hours of Nurse Educator courses, which is what our certificate program entails. Please visit for more information.

Who can apply?
The Nurse Educator Certificate is a post-master’s certificate. Students must have an MSN degree to apply.

Does the program focus more on informal or formal teaching?
The program addresses both formal and informal teaching practice. Students will focus on educational models, evaluation, theoretical approaches to teaching and learning, and additional concerns of the educational environment, which can be applied to formal settings, such as a school of nursing, and informal ones, such as training within the clinical setting.

Does the program focus specifically on the needs of adult learners?
Yes. The course Learning Principles and Instructional Methods for the Adult Learner specifically addresses issues and trends in continuing and adult education. Issues pertaining to those areas are also addressed throughout the course.

Is there a clinical or residency requirement for the program?
No. The online program is designed to allow nurses to balance their study and coursework with their work responsibilities within their current positions. However, there is a mentored practicum that can be arranged at a facility convenient to your location.

How does the practicum work?
Practicum experiences provide opportunities for students to apply content from the theory courses in an advanced nursing education settings. Working with a faculty preceptor, the student arranges for a teaching experience at a facility that is located near them.

Can I take one or two of the Nurse Educator courses without taking the entire certificate program?
Yes. Students may take either or both of the first two courses without taking the third course (the practicum). However, you must take the first two classes in order to take the practicum.

Is this the only nursing program Saint Xavier University offers online?
No. We also offer an MSN in Clinical Leadership as well as an MSN in Executive Leadership (Nursing Administration).

Have more questions about the online Nurse Educator certificate? Call us at (866) 319-8966 to speak with a Program Manager, or request more information. We are now accepting applications for the upcoming term. Limited spots are available.