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Writing Curricula Vitae for Online Masters in Nursing Degree Students

A curriculum vita is a compilation of one’s education, employment experience, and scholarly works. The “CV” is best written for Masters in Nursing Science degree nurses seeking academic positions.  The best way to begin is to find an example and enter your information into that example.  Templates are OK, but can be really tough to work with, esp. with trying to change the formatting if needed.  Ask a mentor for a copy of their CV to help you get started.

Start the CV with contact information then list Education then Licensure and Certifications.  Then list experience with only job titles and years employed (unlike the resume where accomplishments are listed).  After experience, you would then list specifics such as courses taught (and where), publications, grants, memberships, awards etc.  Unlike a resume’s limit of one page, the CV can have as many pages as needed to reflect education and experiences.

Curriculum Vitae Information to Include:

Contact Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Cell Phone
  • Email

Include dates, majors, and details of degrees, training, and certification

  • University
  • Graduate School
  • Doctoral Education
  • Post Doctoral Training

Employment History List in chronological order, most recent first and include position dates

  • Work History
  • Research (if any)

Professional Qualifications

  • Certifications and Accreditations
  • Computer Skills
  • List courses taught/ developed and where

Presentations (Indicate if peer reviewed, and whether a poster or podium presentation)
Professional Memberships
Committee Participation

Curricula vita is a reflection of scholarly activity to include teaching, published writing, presenting, research, and service.  Include things like committee work, and any grants written, or book chapters written/edited; journal articles etc. Think about the academic position you are after, and create a CV that highlights all experiences related to that position.  For example, if clinical teaching is desired, include any precepting work you may have done.  If online teaching is desired, be sure to include online teaching experiences or even online student experiences and be sure to highlight the learning management system in which you have worked. Other aspects to include in the CV are things like volunteer work.

Nursing volunteers provide service in numerous areas.  Some examples are the American Red Cross, Volunteers in Medicine and at local churches across the country providing health care and health care screening- most often to the poor or rural populations. Nurses often take their volunteer work for granted, so be sure to include this type of  “service” in the CV. The CV is a detailed version of your experiences and background designed to highlight academic related areas to help land an interview for a teaching position.

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