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Q&A with MSN Graduate Rabon Allen

What led you to pursue an online MSN at Saint Xavier University?

I knew I was at a crossroads in my career. In searching for graduate level nursing programs, I wanted one that offered a balanced approach; offering both advanced clinical and leadership education. The MSN-CNL online curriculum at SXU not only honored the legacy of nursing at the bedside, but also expanded that scope of nursing to include caring for specialty patient populations in a team based environment.  

Which track did you choose and why? (Clinical Leadership or Executive Leadership)

I chose the Clinical Leadership track. Having worked at the bedside and in the outpatient clinic setting, I recognized the value and potential the CNL education could offer to my professional growth and to the continuum of care in my clinical area.

How have the skills learned in the MSN program helped advance your career?

The education I received provided me with the clinical foundations I needed to help design and implement care delivery systems specific to vulnerable patient populations (e.g. children with severe disabilities).

How were you able to balance your work/life schedule while in the program?

Working almost non-stop from admission to graduation was one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced. There were more 3am study sessions than I can remember. I would have never been able to successfully balance work and family life or complete an MSN program without the online component.

Describe your overall experience with the MSN faculty.

As one of the first students to complete the online MSN-CNL program at SXU, I was very impressed how responsive and attentive the faculty were to my questions and overall needs. From the Dean to the course instructors, I could tell there was a personal commitment to help the student achieve their potential and succeed.

What was one of the most valuable lessons/experiences that you had during your MSN program?

The most valuable lesson I learned didn’t happen until just before graduation. With all of the coursework completed, I was able to “put it all together” and apply what I have learned toward the development of a new and innovative model of care; helping children with severe disabilities, in my geographic region, receive better care, achieve better health and do so in a shared financial savings environment.

What was your practicum topic? Describe your practicum experience.

My practicum, “Cultivating Quality: Developing a Competency-based Orientation Tool for the Pediatric Epilepsy Nurse”, was a very positive experience that ended with a poster presentation that was accepted at the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing’s Conference “The Clinical Nurse Leader: Transforming Healthcare”.

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