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How to Improve Your Nursing Career Outlook

Nurses work in many capacities across hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and elsewhere. The right education and training is necessary to fulfill these crucial roles. The nursing profession offers many opportunities for advancement, and available positions are projected to grow must faster than average through 2024.i

The Saint Xavier University (SXU) online Master of Science in Nursing can help take your nursing career to the next level. This online graduate nursing program helps you take charge of your career while you hone your skills to become a leader in an advanced nursing position.

Earn a Master’s Degree in Nursing

A master’s degree in nursing opens the door to more job opportunities, many with higher earning potential. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that advanced practice nurses are projected to grow at a faster rate than RN jobs, with a 31 percent jump in demand by 2024.ii In order to improve your nursing career outlook and aim for one of these in-demand positions, you’ll need a master’s degree.

Continuing your education doesn’t mean you need to give up everything to head back to school. Online graduate nursing programs like the one at SXU make it convenient to further your education on your own time. The online program also enables you to earn your master’s degree in nursing while you continue to utilize and develop your skills in the work environment.

Exhibit Professionalism

Education is only one component of career advancement. As a nurse, your professional attitude is also critically important in helping to improve your nursing career outlook. Employers want nurses who are both people-oriented and task-oriented. This means you need to be responsible, organized, and quick thinking, but it also means that you can’t lose connection with your patients while you’re in the midst of your daily duties. Caring and compassion are two qualities that are increasingly necessary as you further your career.

Commit to Networking

Networking is often a key to advancing your nursing career outlook. Networking allows you to build relationships, expand connections, and learn from others working in the same field. A network of fellow nurses can also be important for emotional support during tough job situations. Joining professional organizations and your state’s nursing association, are great places to start. Likewise, in an online degree program like the MSN at Saint Xavier University, students benefit from the support and knowledge of peers from across the country.

A master’s degree in nursing opens the door to many advanced practice nursing positions. Saint Xavier University’s online Master of Science in Nursing program has been top ranked by U.S News & World Report for Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs, twice landing at number one. With SXU’s highly recognized online graduate nursing program, improving your nursing career outlook has never been easier. To learn more about the online MSN degree, call 866-319-8966 or request more information today.