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Conferences: Abstract Submission For Nursing Conferences

Call for Abstracts

Now that you have all this great knowledge from your online MSN course projects, it is time to submit the information to present at a nursing conference. Many of the nursing organizations hold regular conferences. Check with local, state, or regional nursing organization home pages. You will typically see a link to “ upcoming conferences”. The larger national conferences will require abstract submission 9-10 months prior to the conference dates. Smaller, regional conferences require anywhere from 3-6 months abstract submission prior to the conference. Checking a nursing organization’s home page periodically for conferences and associated “Call for Abstracts” is the best way to find a conference to submit an abstract of your work. Be sure to closely follow abstract submission directions, as each conference will specify how long the abstract is and what information should be included.

Align Abstract Content with Conference Objectives

As you begin to think about developing an abstract, which describes your MSN practicum project, be sure to look at the conference objectives and topics to use the same language in the abstract submission. Using the same language in the abstract as in the conference topics and objectives helps to align the abstract with the conference proceedings and increase chances for acceptance. An abstract can be submitted for a podium presentation or a poster presentation. The podium presentation, if accepted, would require a power point presentation/ lecture or interactive workshop type session. A poster presentation requires the development of a poster containing similar content as a lecture, but laid out to the conference specifications for their poster presentations.

Poster Presentation Creation

When an abstract is accepted for “poster presentation”, prepare a professional poster, using a power point template (see website below). Typically the dimensions for a Poster presentation are 36x48 inches, but the conference submission guidelines for posters will provide the exact size required.

Poster Information included is below. You can use these headings even if your abstract is not necessarily a study, but is a project. (For project ideas, see blog from 9-24-13.)


You may also want to “insert” some appropriate clip art or other graphic, such as a chart or photo if these fit on the poster. (Go to the website: This company is located in a suburb of Chicago, but they print and ship posters nationwide. Be sure to order the poster size required by the conference, as the template is 36 x 48 inches (3ftx 4 ft.) is only a guide. The website has free downloadable PowerPoint templates to use to create your poster presentation. Be sure to allow enough time for creating and producing and shipping the poster for the conference date.)

Conference presentations, either at a podium or through a poster, are a great way to disseminate nursing knowledge. Submitting an abstract of your work is an excellent way to network for future career opportunities during a conference once you complete your online MSN degree.

Check out the sites below for upcoming nursing conferences for Masters in Nursing Online Students. When you click on the conference link, be sure to look for a “Call for Abstracts” to submit your MSN work for presentation. Don’t worry if you miss a submission deadline; just continue to check the sites for more conferences in the future.

Dr. Maggie