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Online Master of Science in Nursing Faculty

Nichole Arcaro, MSN, RN Ms. Arcaro received her MSN from University of Phoenix. Her MSN project was creating a pain management and heart failure education session for staff nurses that were approved for Ohio Board of Nursing continuing education credit and presented to critical care and subacute nursing staff. Ms. Arcaro has 16 years of nursing experience and 7 years of teaching experience. She has taught online nursing courses including graduate level clinical nurse leader track practicum courses, collaborative healthcare, community health nursing and transitions to professional nursing.

Victoria Brahe, PhD, RN, MSN Dr. Brahe received her PhD from Capella University. Her dissertation was student use of informal communities in online RN-BSN programs. Her research interests are online teaching and learning as well as virtual reality. Her work on online orientation redesign as well as engaging the online learner in academic writing has been published. Dr. Brahe has 27 years of nursing experience and 11 years of teaching experience. Dr. Brahe has taught many courses including nursing inquiry, nursing education practicum, curriculum development, nursing theory, nursing research and critical care.

Lisa Capps, PhD, APN Dr. Capps received her PhD from University of Kansas. Her dissertation was on the concepts of health and illness of the Protestant Hmong. Her research interests are Hmong health culture, traditional healing and complementary and alternative therapies. Dr. Capps has many years of experience in the field of nursing as a nurse, nurse practitioner, and as an educator. She has taught advanced health assessment, philosophical and theoretical foundations of nursing and community and population health nursing.

Janet Dahm, Psy.D, RNBC Dr. Dahm received her Psy.D from Adler University. Her dissertation was a study on older women- listening for the theme of social interest. Her research interests are older women’s life stories and hearing voices research in populations other than older women. Dr. Dahm has many years of experience in nursing and psychology. She has taught mental health nursing practicums, family systems assessment, substance abuse disorders and ethical, legal, spiritual dimensions of nursing.

Juli Daniels, PhD, CCRN, CNE Dr. Daniels received her PhD from University of South Florida. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of nursing as a teacher, coach and mentor. Dr. Daniels also served as a Regional Dean of Nursing in Florida. Dr. Daniels has taught courses in administrative leadership in nursing, administrative leadership practicum, health care systems and finance and critical care nursing.

Mary Donnelly, EdD, RN, MSN Dr. Donnelly received her EdD from Nova Southeastern University. Her dissertation was a comparison of nursing student achievement and satisfaction utilizing different teaching methods. Her research interests are women and depression. Dr. Donnelly has many years of experience in nursing and teaching. She has taught concepts theories and issues in nursing education, nursing education role practicum, clinical leader immersion, administrative leadership in nursing practicum learning principles and instructional methods for the adult learner and clinical leader.

Lynn Elliott, MS, RN Ms. Elliott received her MS from University of South Florida. She has presented her work on maternal and child health issues. Ms. Elliott has over 30 years of experience in nursing and spent the beginning of her career in hospitals working in pediatrics. She has taught many nursing courses including epidemiology, public health and maternal and child health.

Kristine Florczak, RN, PhD, CNE Dr. Florczak received her PhD from Loyola University, Chicago. Her research interests include a qualitative study on losing a partner and the experience of losing a limb. Dr. Florczak has many years of experience in the nursing field and as a contributing editor to Nurse Science Quarterly. She has taught undergraduate research and graduate research and nursing theory.

Susan Hampson, MS, APN, NP-C, CNE Ms. Hampson received her MS from Purdue University Calumet. Her research interests are end of life care and faculty presence and student success. Ms. Hampson has over 30 years of experience in the acute care setting and many years of experience as an educator. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner, and has taught emergency nursing and family health care, medical-surgical nursing and pharmacology.

Mary Haras, PhD, MBA, APN, NP-C, CNN Dr. Haras received her PhD from Mennonite College of Nursing at Illinois State University. Her dissertation was a quantitative instrument development study measuring nephrology nurse perceptions toward advance care planning. Her research interests relate to end-of-life issues for persons with chronic kidney disease and have been published. Dr. Haras has over 35 years nursing experience, and is an adult nurse practitioner in addition to her role as the Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing at Saint Xavier. Dr. Haras teaches advanced pharmacology and advanced pathophysiology.