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Master's in Curriculum and Instruction

“I really enjoyed this program to the fullest extent. It is designed in a way that I did not need to put my life on hold to complete it. I have grown as a teacher and leader of change in the betterment of our school. I would definitely recommend this program to prospective students because it is completely relevant and can be connected and implemented easily into any classroom environment.”

Jennifer Blahusiak
Saint Xavier University
Online Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Be a Teacher Leader
Bring out the best in each and every student. Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) online Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction features an in-depth curriculum aligned with Common Core Standards.

Develop your leadership potential, learn how to use the latest tools and techniques to enhance your instructional approach, and exceed the strict expectations of new state standards.

The Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Xavier University offers the most current tools and techniques regarding teaching strategies and the most effective means of implementing them into a learning environment. You will gain critical skills in differentiated instruction, response to intervention and formative assessment.

SXU’s M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction Program Highlights

  • Study basic tenets of instruction and major educational movements, as well as the diverse ways that people learn and how to monitor and measure their progress
  • Apply instructional strategies into a variety of settings and how to modify them according to the needs of your organization as well as those of individual learners

No GMAT or GRE Required
In this program, there is no GMAT or GRE required to apply, and no teaching certificate is required to enroll. Plus, you can complete your degree in less than two years!

The online curriculum includes 11 courses (three credit hours each) for a total of 33 credit hours. Courses include:

  • Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instructional Methods
  • Movements in Education
  • Advanced Human Growth and Development
  • Curriculum Integration of Educational Technology

Graduate Seminar including On-Campus Experience
The final course, EDGCI 530 Graduate Seminar: Integrating Curricular Theory into Practice is designed to help student integrate:

  • Theories of curriculum and instruction
  • Learning principles
  • Growth and development
  • Implementation of technology and research
  • Application of assessment into the practice of developing and delivering an effective curriculum for K-12 classroom
  • College and other educational arenas

Students begin this course by developing a research-based curricular plan for an educational setting, and as a component of this course, students will attend a two-day residency at SXU’s Chicago area campus, which is typically held the fifth week of the course.

At the residency, students present their portfolios and have the opportunity to be mentored by the program faculty. During their residency, students participate in a debate about current issues related to education and present their views in a reflective manner supported by scholarly works. Upon completion of the residency, students will present a solution to a crisis in the work place that would indicate their role as a curriculum leader.

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